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Welcome to the world of wall fashion

October 8, 2009

Wallpapers are the best things rediscovered in this side of the century. We all love to deck up- be it for work or for party, we just love colors and patterns on our clothes. Even proverbs say clothes are a reflection of our personality. Then why do we leave our home and office walls bare with paints, only to differ from each other in shades? Aren’t homes and offices a reflection of our personality too? And whats more, we spend our waking and sleeping hours surrounded by these walls. Isn’t it time that we pep up the world we have created around us too? Wallpapers are the best answer to this. Marshalls helps you in making the right choice of wallpaper.  On this blog we would be talking about what we know best – Wallpapers! And we have invited a wallpaper expert to talk to you. She is not an architect or designer who would give you a lot of technical details. She is a woman of experience who has grown rich in knowledge with the years behind her, and she loves sharing it with everyone who is interested. So what’s stopping you from checking this space for more? As some smart person had said once- reading never hurts!


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