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Time is Money Honey!

December 10, 2009

As I was telling you in my last blog, my aunt is renovating her house. Now it’s quite a big house, rather a mansion. She doesn’t like too many people hanging around her house. Even during renovation, she doesn’t allow more than 4-5 people in the house. So she was apprehensive about putting wallpaper in the house as she assumed that it will take a lot of time and a lot of people will be around for days at a stretch. I don’t know who told her this, but it’s completely untrue. Installing wallpaper is a much easier job than getting your entire house painted, and it requires minimum number of workers. Four to five skilled labors are required for putting up the wallpapers. And within 6 hours, they can cover up to 500 sq. ft area. Painting a house is a messy job. Banisters, furniture, floors, everything needs to be covered to be protected from the paint. And the smell drives you crazy for days. According to statistics, 1/10th of the population suffers from asthma. Surely, the absence of smell will help you to move around your house and actually witness the change happening inside. The best thing is, while installing wallpapers, no mess is created, nor do you need to cover up your entire house for days. What else can you ask for- large variety, time saving and a clean work. Surely, you will be happy as your walls become happy!


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  1. khaled permalink
    January 21, 2010 6:31 pm

    Im Khaled Hamami from Syrian Arab Republic
    I may provide clients in my area
    if you are interested please respond through my email

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