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Wallpapers….adding to your acoustic experience

December 23, 2009

Did you know that wallpapers can act as a sound-insulating material? These acoustic wallpapers have been specially imported from Europe and have been test certified by the National Physical Laboratory at Delhi.

What is it that makes a big difference while watching a movie, say in your living room and in a theatre? One key issue is the quality of the acoustics. In our living rooms, where we have painted walls, sounds tend to get reflected from the walls, creating a criss-cross sound pattern. On the other hand in a theatre, because the walls are insulated or made from acoustic material, sound tends to get absorbed by the walls, thereby ensuring a very pleasurable acoustics experience.

With home theatre systems, it is now possible get theatre-level visual quality in our living rooms and bed rooms. And now, with help of Marshalls acoustic range of wallpapers, the sound experience can also be of a similar level. Acoustic wallpapers absorb sound, giving noise reduction between 20% to 30%.  These wall papers can be installed directly on walls, glass and wooden partitions…thereby eliminating the need for creating partitions or paneling which could waste space.

So now, with acoustic wallpapers, enjoy your favorite music performance or watch a movie…and have a “sound” experience


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