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When your walls become your brand ambassadors

December 23, 2009

Recently I went to an interior designing exhibition to see this season’s collection. I was surprised to meet my old friend who was also attending the same event. On inquiring, he told me that he is planning to set up his chain of coffee shops in Mumbai. He was hunting for brilliant interiors but one of the challenges was the time that it would take to get a whole chain set up. Also how to ensure consistency of ambience across all the entire chain.  I suggested him to try customized wallpapers which would meet both his requirements. He gave me a feeble look and exclaimed “Wallpapers? How can wallpapers help solve my problem”?

I explained him that if one wanted to get work done fast, and at the same time ensure consistency across a number of outlets (which could be spread across the country), wallpapers was not only the right solution but perhaps the only solution! A wallpaper can be designed based on what the brand wants to communicate. A coffee shop brand can choose warm colors with images of fancy coffee mugs with frothing coffee pouring out, scattered across the wallpaper to create a coffee shop ambience. On the other hand, an ice-parlour can go for cool colors with ice creams and lops all over, to attract the attention of kids and adults. A corporate with multi-locational offices can play on their logo and corporate colors for the wall paper design. This way, the walls of one’s shop or office can actually become a brand statement. Besides since wallpapers are printed at one location, and then pasted, there is complete consistency with respect to colors and designs, which is so important if one has multi-location presence. Finally wallpapers are easier to set up.  A medium size outlet can be done in a days time and bingo you are ready to move in with your furniture and start doing business.

My friend looked amazed at what I had to tell him. I had made his visit to the interiors exhibition worthwhile!


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  1. Annette permalink
    January 3, 2010 10:11 am

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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