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Let’s rock your walls

January 5, 2010

What do you feel when you plainly stares at the same old walls and its ancient paint that has been there since you have started the company. Your walls feel dated? Want to jazz it up a bit? Don’t worry! Marshalls, the final word in wallpapers, has organized a ‘Home-Make-Over Festival’, which will help you breathe life into your workspace.

Architect Ninad Tipnis and his team from JTCPL Designs will help you create a workspace that uniquely reflects your brand’s motto. Meet them at the ‘Home-Make-Over Festival’ on 8th January 2010, at 11:30pm which is held here in the commercial capital to celebrate Marshalls Elite’s first anniversary.

JTCPL Designs, specialists in creating aesthetic workspaces blending economy with design and innovation with style, will revamp your walls to create an impressive ambiance that may pull you back to your workspace even on weekdays!!! Come and drop in at Marshells Elite, the fabulous showroom at Marshalls House, Worli.

Hurry up! It’s time to interact with these architects free of cost and rock your walls with Marshalls wallpapers. Don’t get worried if you are not able to participate. You can send in your queries to us and we will ask them on your behalf and answer your doubts!

You can mail us at:


Write on our Wall in Facebook at the following link:


Tweet us on your Twitter Account:

Or simply post a comment on this blog!

And if you are planning to visit personally, then here is the address:

Marshalls House,

Opposite Sai Service,

Off E Moses Road,

Worli, Mumbai-18.

‘Home-Make-Over Festival’ 7th January 2010 to 12th January 2010


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