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Branded Homes!

January 22, 2010

There is a residential tower being built in my neighbourhood. Just out of curiosity, I went to take a tour of the almost ready building. The location is nice and posh, the architecture is fabulous and each flat has a huge balcony overlooking the sea. But still, there was something amiss. On my way back, I realized, it did not give the feel of a home. It was yet another apartment in the city. I felt that after investing so much on the tower, if the builder had invested on wallpapers; the entire tower’s aspiration value would have changed.

Just like a builder includes a swimming pool in the housing complex, or installs a Jacuzzi in a duplex; wallpaper gives a special value to the apartments. Why does the builder use top quality Italian granite on the floor when a simple mosaic would have worked? Why is a modular kitchen installed when assorting appliances in the kitchen would have been much cheaper? The answer is very obvious, isn’t it? It’s called style statement. The difference is exactly that of wearing a local tailor-made suit and an Armani suit. Then why not dress up the walls as well? Wallpapered walls give out a niche feel to the house, and this way the owner can flaunt his style statement right on the walls of his house. Wallpapering the walls is like giving the owner a home with branded walls!

It also means that the builder can get the building ready for a faster handover, as installation of wallpaper over 500 sq. ft. takes only 6 hours. Thus he can save on a lot of money. After all what are the buildings and apartments made for? To get a beautiful home and to generate money for the builder. As always the answer is wallpaper!


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