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Magically transform your office overnight

January 27, 2010

Last week one of my friends called me for advice. He wanted to redo his office walls but did not want to give his entire office a week’s leave, because it would obviously cause a setback to his business. I suggested him to get his office walls wallpapered.

I told him, “handover your office to the Marshalls wallpaper installation team on a Friday, when the office closes down for the weekend. Imagine when you come back on Monday morning, all the walls have been wallpapered, and the office has a brand new ambience. No long down time for work, no mess in the form of paint spots all over the place, no claustrophobic distemper smell when you walk into the office and finally no need to move things around”. Doesn’t this seem wonderful! After all, as business people, our job is to ensure there is no productivity lost… instead of having to worry about “managing renovation”.

Also, every office has multiple air conditioners running throughout the day. This results in high electricity bills. Wallpapers are good insulators and they do not allow heat transmission to happen. When the outside heat tries to penetrate the walls of the room, the wallpaper acts as an insulator, keeping the heat out. Thus, AC has to work less hard in maintaining the room temperature, resulting in saving electricity. In fact wallpapered offices can save 5 to 7% electricity; in turn reducing the electricity bill.

So if you are the owner of an office, then go ahead and let wallpapers work its magic and transform your office overnight!


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