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Get Well Soon!

January 29, 2010

One of my friends delivered a baby last week and I went to see her at the hospital. She was admitted in one of the best hospitals in town. While I made my way up to the 4th floor (I usually prefer climbing the stairs), I noticed a lot of fungal patches on the walls and was naturally a little shocked to see a hospital of such a good repute ignoring such an issue.

Hygiene is one of the key concerns in a hospital. It is generally emphasized that hygiene is of utmost importance to speed up the well being of the patients. Doctors use latex gloves, nurses use masks, disposable syringes and needles are used and the floor is mopped three times a day as part of practising hygiene in the hospital… but what about the walls? How is hygiene maintained as far as walls are concerned? It is a well known fact that the walls become moist due to external weather conditions like monsoon or water seepage which causes fungal patches to appear on the walls, which is extremely unhygienic.

An interesting solution to this problem is opting for wallpapers. Wallpapers are antistatic; hence they attract all the dirt and thereby keep the environment clean. They are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature which further highlights the benefits of using wallpapers in hospitals. Also, wallpapered walls can be wiped clean every once in a while, much like mopping the floor. Finally, wallpapers are easy and quick to install as well as being easy to service.  This, in turn, ensures better hygiene and better availability for the needy patients.

Thus, wallpapers can do away with several problems in a hospital and benefit both the hospital authorities as well as the patients. Moreover, now it’s not just the patients who can get well soon, but the walls of the hospital as well! Just like ‘happy walls make happy people’, ‘healthy walls make healthy people’!


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