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Premnath – Untrodden Paths to Glory

February 9, 2010

Premnath, Architect & Head of Premnath and Associates. He is renowned member of the architectural fraternity of India

“My USP is challenges, discovering and trying out new stuff”, says Premnath, the renowned architect. Hailed as the Amitabh Bachhan of the architects’ fraternity, the head of Premnath & Associates was in a discussion with Mona Menon, the CEO of Marshalls Wallpaper at the occasion of Marshalls Elite’s “Makeover Festival” held to celebrate the store’s 1st anniversary.

Be it celebrity homes, offices, hospitals, malls or multiplexes; Premnath and his firm have always been forerunners and path breakers. In response to the query as to how he chose architecture and interior designing as his life’s work, he attributed it to destiny. However, he admits being a dab hand at drawing right from childhood and that might have served as a motivating factor in choosing this exacting career in which one has to be creative and pragmatic at the same time.

Ruminating about the bygone times, he also said that he considered himself lucky to have received the opportunity to study architecture in a good college and start his business in Mumbai at a time when people were not too much into hiring an architect or a professional to design their homes and do the interiors.

Coming back to the present times and commenting on wallpapers he says, “They are very exciting and can do many things. Moreover, they give great finishing and look to interiors. Great lighting and wallpapers also often go hand in hand.”

When queried about his glorious career that pans more than four decades he says that his success mantra is to take an untrodden path and trying out new stuff. Thus he is an adventurer at heart who believes in taking risks; both with projects and ideas.  Nevertheless, as it is said “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Premnath’s ideas paid off and today, his firm is one of the premier architectural firms in India and it enjoys a pan-India presence with offices in all the major cities of the country.

Premnath & Associates,
Devidas Mansion,4, Merewether Road, Behind Taj Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai – 400001,

Premnath,Premnath & Associates,Devidas Mansion,4, Merewether Road, Behind Taj Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai – 400001,22020029,Website:


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