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Reza Kabul – Seeking Excellence

February 9, 2010

Reza Kabul, a distinguished architect who rose from humble beginning to conquer great heights in the industry

Marshalls Home-makeover Festival was a great success and it saw an excellent turnout of distinguished architects and interior designers. Reza Kabul was one of the architects who visited the 4-day event and made it special.

Reminicising about the early days about his career, he fondly recollects the days when he began his career in a small loft. However, today he has outgrown his humble beginnings to become a very distinguished figure in the field of architecture. Today he has a plush office on Turner Road, Bandra and several prestigious projects in his kitty.

Reza Kabul claims that his USPs are innovative designs coupled with on-time delivery and fast yet hassle free operations. He along with his 100+ dedicated staff aim to create excellent projects.

Talking about wallpapers, he says that they play a very important role since they can get a place decorated very fast.  Reza Kabul also opines that the different textures and styles available in wallpapers help to achieve different and creative decors. He also opines that wallpapers can be very effective to create diverse effects and designs on ceilings.

Reza Kabul informs that while he takes up varied projects, hotels and towers are his passion. He has handled several hotels and tower projects across India as well as abroad. Many hotels and towers in Bhutan, Dubai and Mauritius bear his signature.

Reza Kabul’s presence at Marshalls added to the value of the event.

Reza Kabul,
Architect Reza Kabul,
Plot 78 – A, 2nd Floor, Turner Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400050,


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