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Ninad Tipnis – Conquering New Heights

February 10, 2010

Ninad Tipnis is an eminent architect & interior designer who has several challenging and impressive projects to his credit.

Ninad Tipnis, a distinguished architect, was one of the guests who visited Marshalls Elite during its “Home-make over festival”. In an exclusive conversation with Mona Menon, CEO, Marshalls he talked about his career, projects, specializations and much more.

In his illustrious career spanning 15 years, he has several prestigious clients and projects to his credit. Ninad Tipnis informs that he started his career with his father as an architect but eight years later, recognizing his calling in interior designing and switched to that field. Since then there has been no looking back. He did many hybridized interior projects in the initial stages but now he specializes in commercial and corporate interiors.

Based in Prabhadevi, he executes projects across the country and is a very sought after interior designer along with his team of 15 professionals.

He claims that his USP is “Predictability”. Ninad Tipnis claims that he and his firm are very predictable in the sense that his clients can expect to get their projects completed on time and within their budget without compromising on excellence and innovation.

When asked about his best projects he says that it’s tough and unfair to name a few. However, he names their recent 20,000 sq ft project executed for the Standard Chartered Bank in Pune, the Deutsche Bank project, and the project for VISA as ones that are particularly close to his heart. His firm has also received a repeat project from VISA. “Talking about the VISA project, he says that it was a moment of pride for us to be associated with this project.” He also says, “We have a high rate of repeat orders”.

Wallpapers get a good review from this reputed and talented architect. Ninad Tipnis says that there are particularly very important in the modern times. He also opines that wallpapers are very handy and suitable when it is necessary to adhere to stringent timelines. “It helps in our race to the finish,” says Tipnis. “It is not a fast product, it is a fast application product”, adds Tipnis.

His growth funda is “Be predictable in terms of quality, meeting timelines etc and success is yours”.

Ninad Tipnis,
Jayant Tipnis Consultants Pvt. Ltd,
1050, Sat Guru Darshan, 2nd Flr. New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025,

Ninad Tipnis,Jayant Tipnis Consultants Pvt. Ltd,1050, Sat Guru Darshan, 2nd Flr. New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025,24300280,Email: ninadtipnis@gmail.comWebsite:


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  1. Joeseph Kuranco permalink
    February 13, 2010 4:18 pm

    In our countries we only use wallpaper. Therefore it is very interasant to see that wallpapers are now becoming popular in your country also

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