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Behzad Noshir Kharas – Meeting new challenges

February 19, 2010

Behzad Noshir Kharas, a reputed member of the architects’ fraternity of India was one of the personages who attended the Home-makeover festival held at Marshalls Elite. Mona Menon, CEO Marshalls and Behzad Noshir Kharas engage in an interesting discussion about subjects galore like architecture, challenges in high-end residential projects, handling project timelines, his best projects and wallpapers.

Based in Haji Ali, this talented architect along with his team of 16 members is rolling out creative and excellent projects for prestigious clients since the last nine years. High-end residential and commercial interior projects are his speciality and his team has several challenging and renowned projects its credit. Behazad Noshir Kharas also undertakes and executes lot of architectural projects like schools, residential buildings, high-end villas etc.

He opines that high-end residential projects are most challenging of them all since the clients’ demands and emotional involvement tend to be more in-depth and personalized. Moreover he also feels that high-end residential projects need and offer more scope for creativity with their wide range of options. He is a big advocate of wallpapers. He claims that the scope and range of wallpapers while designing interiors is tremendous. In fact out he himself employs wallpapers quite extensively in his projects. He has opted for wallpapers to design 35 projects out of the 42 projects in his kitty. He says that wallpapers help him to complete his projects faster, helps to highlight the walls with colour and also provides the constancy that paints don’t manage to achieve. Another argument in favour of wallpaper is that it gives a great finish to the walls. He says that nowadays, wallpapers are also being used for ceilings, cover and plasma panels.

On being queried about his best projects, Behzad Noshir Kharas names an office in Tardeo for a US client, a close friend’s residence based in Marine Drive, a restaurant in Mulund and a luxury villa in Pune.   This gifted architect also revealed that designing the interiors of luxury 5 or 7 star hotel would be his dream project.

Behzad Noshir Kharas,
Architect BNK,
5, Harkorbai Bldg, 1st Floor, Mugbhat Lane, Thakurdwar, Mumbai – 400002,

Behzad Noshir Kharas,Architect BNK,5, Harkorbai Bldg, 1st Floor, Mugbhat Lane, Thakurdwar, Mumbai – 400002,23889284Email: info@thinkbnk.comWebsite:


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