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Kiran Gala – Breaking new frontiers

February 19, 2010

The Marshalls “Home-makeover festival” that was held recently to commemorate the first anniversary of Marshalls Elite was a huge success. Many well-known and reputed architects and interior designers graced the event, which contributed to its success. Kiran Gala was one of the reputed architects who dropped at Marshalls Elite during the home-makeover festival.

Mona Menon, CEO, Marshalls engaged Kiran Gala in a conversation where he talked about his illustrious career in architecture, his passion for residential interiors and the challenges involved. He also elucidated on some of the best projects and the driving factor while choosing a project. He also opined about wallpapers and their changing role in the modern interior scenario of India.

Based in King’s Circle, Mumbai; Kiran Gala is a much sought after architect and interior designer with myriad projects to his credit in the residential segment during his illustrious career spanning 23 years. According to Mr. Gala the major challenge in the residential space is catering different styles and tastes of people living in a house. Everyone in a house is bothered about how their room would look and turn out to be. He says, “Residential are our main focus though we are also looking at some of the best office projects, large offices around the range of 20,000 sq ft. We are also trying to get into hospitality space.” He informs that they are working on a project in Delhi and one resort project in Rajasthan. He claims that his best projects are yet to come but he also says that each project under his banner is special in its own way.

Wallpaper in his opinion is a come a long way from being a mere substitute to paints. He claims that today the entire application of wallpapers have undergone a drastic change for the better. Today, wallpapers have acquired a strong and dominant character. Kiran Gala claims that there are several things that can be achieved with the help of wallpapers as the have become a design element in the modern world of interiors.

Kiran Gala,
Kiran Gala & Associates,
10, Vishram Wadi, Near Kings Circle Station, Sion Road, Mumbai – 400022,

Kiran Gala,Kiran Gala & Associates,10, Vishram Wadi, Near Kings Circle Station, Sion Road, Mumbai – 400022,24081155, Email:


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  1. Ranjan Tiwary permalink
    February 23, 2010 6:56 pm

    Taking initiative and sharing information as well is a mark of a true leader and a Giid Human Being. Would love to get an opportunity to meet Mr. Kiran Gala.

    • February 26, 2010 3:30 pm

      Thank you Ranjan for your appreciation. If you could elaborate on why you would like to meet Mr. Kiran Gala, we could look into the matter and do the needful

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