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Sukumar Dharmadhikari – Creating interior marvels

February 19, 2010

Sukumar Dharmadhikari, a well known in the architecture and interior designing circuit was an esteemed guest during the recently held Marshalls “Home-makeover festival” held at Marshalls Elite to celebrate its first anniversary. He has been in this field for the last 19 years and earned himself quite reputation with his ingenious designs and prestigious projects. Mona Menon, CEO, Marshalls Wallpaper gets him to discuss about his specializations, best projects, meeting timelines and wallpapers.

Based in Borivali, he and his staff of 10 dedicated members are involved in several challenging and interesting projects for prestigious clientele. Sukumar Dharmadhikari and his team handle only the designing part and they are not into execution. He says that designing itself is a huge challenge and he would like to give all his attention to the creation of great design for every project without having to concentrate and handle the practical details of the execution part as well.

He is quite optimistic about the future of wallpapers. He opines that wallpapers are very handy and convenient when there are stringent timelines to be met and a project needs to be completed very fast. However, that by no means the only advantage of wallpapers. He also opines that wallpaper is going to be the future though it is costlier than paint at the moment.

He claims that it is possible to deliver a project involving the interiors of a 2BHK or a 3BHK in three months time with the help of quick decisions, quick payments and a good contractor. Talking about his best projects he informs that his team is doing varied architectural projects, He is currently working on a 3 star hotel project in Jaipur, which was featured in some magazines as well. Sukumar Dharmadhikari and his team are also involved with a project involving apartment blocks. He has several well known projects to his credit that include some celebrity homes like famous actress Pallavi Joshi’s house and renowned actor Ashok Saraf’s house. With every project, he seeks to attain more growth and success.

Sukumar Dharmadhikari,
Designers Combine,
C – 203, Shantidwar, Shantivan, Near National Park, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400066,

Sukumar Dharmadhikari,Designers Combine,C – 203, Shantidwar, Shantivan, Near National Park, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400066,28964555,Email: sukumarmd@rediffmail.comWebsite:


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