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Branding with Marshalls

May 1, 2010


Love to hangout at Barista? Find the Pizza at Smokin Joes yummy and ice creams at Baskin N Robbins irresistible? What about Croissants? The next time you visit any of these places don’t forget to check out their walls.

Baskin N Robbins

The bright flame-colored walls at Barista that adds to your cheer, the yummy ice creams & cakes wallpaper of Baskin N Robbins, the pleasant yet distinctive blue and white striped walls at Croissants and the appetizing pizzas on the walls of Smokin Joes have something in common. Marshalls Wallpaper!
These renowned food joints are clients who have availed of Marshalls customized wallpaper facility. These wallpapers were especially designed for each of these clients depending on their brand image, their products and other such crucial factors. Thus the Marshalls wallpapers that adorn the walls of these popular food joints not only provide the usual benefits of wallpapers but also serve as an excellent branding tool.
You too can avail this facility for your businesses or offices. Let your walls be your brand ambassador with Marshalls wallpapers. So what are you waiting for? Let Marshalls make you famous.



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