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Get well soon with Marshalls

May 1, 2010
Hospitals are very careful about hygiene however now they have also woken up to the need for a cheery atmosphere to speedup the recovery of its patients. Thus hospitals are no more boring and dreary places that can suck positive energy out of the patients and visitors alike. Many renowned hospitals in the country now not only treat their patients but also provide them with the best amenities as well. Suite-sized rooms, healthy yet tasty meals, attentive security and smiling staff ready to cater to the needs of its patients.
Marshalls wallpapers are the right choice for hospital walls for variety of reasons. They prevent fungal infections on walls caused by monsoon or water seepage and thus help to maintain hygiene. Moreover they are also very easy to install, saves time and does not cause any hindrance to the routine activities in the hospitals. Moreover these walls also help to give a cheery feel to the rooms and corridors and dispel gloom thereby assisting in the recuperation of the hospital’s patients. Marshalls’ wallpapers create positive atmosphere with their soothing yet vibrant colours and designs.
Marshalls also has a range of acoustic wallpapers which help to absorb sounds and wallpapers, special wallpapers suited for ICUs are also available, and moreover it also has energy-saving wallpapers. Thus the serve several other functional purposes apart from hygiene and aesthetics. Therefore is it any wonder that many renowned hospitals like the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Umrao Asian Heart Hospital, Doctor’s Lounges, the pediatric floor in Lilvati Hospital, Dr Vikram Hospital etc have opted for Marshalls when it came to their walls?


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