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Save Energy with Marshalls.

May 29, 2010

Fed up with soaring electricity bills? Want to cut down your energy usage?   Here is a beautiful way of doing it. Get Marshalls wallpapers. Wondering how wallpapers can help you save energy?

Marshalls has vast range of PVF wallpapers that especially help to reduce energy consumption.  The poly vinyl coating on the wallpapers has the ability to prevent the coolness from escaping from the room. Thus these wallpapers are particularly beneficial in air-conditioned premises.  PVF Wallpapers prevents the coolness of a room from being transferred. Thus the shut down time increases with the help of PVF wallpapers and helps to save energy. Marshalls wallpapers are approved by IIT Powai and have the proven ability to save energy by 5% to 7%.

Apart from saving energy, Marshalls wallpapers also come in splendid designs and colours. Thus save energy and get fab decors all at one go.  Check out the nearest Marshalls outlet and find the beautiful remedies for your electricity bills


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