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Choose leather! Choose style with Marshalls

May 29, 2010

Leather! Since time immemorial it is connected with affluence. Did you know that at one point of time leather wallpapers were a symbol of wealth and aristocracy? It was used in the old palaces and castles in Spain and its neighboring countries. Even during these modern times leather is highly sought after for several reasons.

It is also the ultimate in style, sensuousness and toughness. Leather is also comfortable and cozy. So why restrict it to only clothes and accessories? Let leather be your style statement in every way possible. Drape the walls of your house or office with fantastic leather wallpapers from Marshalls.

Marshalls, the one stop solution for interior décor also offers a fabulous range of leather wallpapers in different designs, colours and effects.  Its magnificent range can help you to create the feel and ambience of your choice. Leather can help you to create a modern touch for your place or help you achieve a traditional effect. It can be cozy and stylish at the same time. Get an archetypal bachelor pad or a well-loved family home with leather wallpapers from Marshalls.

Check out Marshalls’ superb leather wallpapers collection.


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