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Marshalls Wallpapers Exhibition at BKC

June 3, 2010

Imagine walking down a hall, with each room on either side more exquisite and more appealing than the previous, where every next step you take can take you into a world of enchantment and wonder. Fine furniture to aesthetically alluring drapes and wall hangings, to large armchairs and engulfing sofas that seemed to wallop your being when you sat on them!

This was the feel of the Hospitality Expo 2010, anyone walking down the great corridors is bound to be baffled by the beauty and yet sensible design elements in the Expo. Our Marshalls Wallpaper stall too, was no exception. A booth of considerable size, we felt people get overwhelmed by our mock Golden bedroom. We created a special hospitality yet home touch, which we feel todays families are yearning for. Some people prefer simple and sweet, while others prefer pleasing and dainty. For this we say, regardless of what style of décor they are inclined to, we have the perfect wallpaper for it!

Our stall with our sample handbooks, displayed the various styles and gave you the chance to actually feel and imagine what the final output would look like. We even felt it of utmost importance to have a screen which could display the various styles and tones to people passing by our stall.

An overall success, here’s to one more great Hospitality Expo! Hats off to the organizers to pulling of an event of such magnitude with such finesse!


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