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Wallpapers – Smart way to save energy

June 13, 2010

The Maharashtra government is finally taking a stand and getting serious about saving energy as revealed by a recent news that appeared in the Mumbai mirror. The state government has sent out circulars to all departments, with instructions to install CFLs and other power-saving equipment. All departments and institutions that are dependent on government grants have been been instructed to install star-rated gadgets such as fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, air-conditioners, refrigerators, distribution transformers, water pumps, gas stove, electric geysers, induction motors and televisions.

A very commendable move by the government! However, very few are aware that there is yet another excellent and beautiful way of saving energy. Yes, Beautiful! Want to know about it? The answer is “Wallpapers”. In the times when there is an urgent need for energy-conservation, Marshalls wallpapers can be a great tool to save energy. Surprised! Let me explain.

Wallpapers - A great energy-saving tool

Marshalls has a range of polyvinyl wallpapers (PVF) wallpapers that help to reduce power consumption, especially in air conditioned premises by prevents the coolness of the room from being transferred and thereby helps to increase A.C. shut down time. The average saving on air conditioning through PVF wallpapers amount upto 5% to 7%. No wonder that these wallpapers are approved by IIT Powai. These energy saving wallpapers come in different designs and finishes and thus is a beautiful way of conserving energy.

Wallpapers as an energy-saving tool should be considered very seriously as they are incredibly effortless way to conserve energy. Get wallpapers for your house and then forget about it. It keeps saving energy and thus is beneficial to reduce your electricity bills. It would also help to do your bit to lead India towards energy enlightenment.  As it is said, every contribution helps.

In the words of Julia Fletcher Carney

Little drops of water, Little grains of sand,

Make the might ocean and the beauteous land

In fact, the government too should get smart and support wallpapers as an important method to save energy and thus take a step further towards empowering India.


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