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Sand Paintings from Marshalls

July 25, 2010

Little drops of water, little grains of sand ………… can make wonderful and awe-inspiring sand paintings. Yes, sand and water in the hands of Klaus Boesch, an Austrian artist translates into amazing sand paintings depicting nature in all its glory. Ok, so the next question is obviously what’s so special about these paintings? Nature has been the muse for artists since time immemorial.

True, but sand paintings are different. Every sand picture is an interactive piece of art. It is interactive on its own, creating random landscapes or other structures according to our fantasy. Each time the sand painting is moved, it creates a different panorama. Thus, it can be said that the sand picture gives each observer a chance to be an artist by turning the picture upside down to let the game revolve and change the world again and again.

The uniqueness of these paintings make them an excellent addition to the beauty of a room. But where can you procure them? At Marshalls, of course. The interior hub offers a fantastic range of sand paintings to its customers. They come in customized sizes and shapes in price ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 25,000. Marvellous sand dunes, serene lakes in midnights, the fascinating desert scenery etc are all part of Marshalls’ sand paintings collection.

Drop in at Marshalls Elite and check out its fabulous range of sand paintings first hand and get one for your place.

Take a look at some of the sand paintings collection offered by Marshalls.


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