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Luigi Colani for Marshalls’ customers

July 30, 2010

“We should simply bear in mind just how amazingly superior a spider’s web is to any load-bearing structure man has made – and then derive from this insight that we should look to the superiority of nature for the solutions. If we want to tackle a new task in the studio, then it’s best to go outside first and look at what millennia-old answers there may already be to the problem.”- Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani, the renowned industrial designer is also known for his wallpaper designs. Bio design is his specialty. Nature is his muse, his inspiration and his mentor. His designs are a fine blend of art and organic design thus connecting man and machine in utopian ways.

His designs break rules, smash established notions and concepts, create new avenues for design and yet are essentially simple and earthy. His spectacular and unique designs are known for their dramatic appeal, finesse and elegance.

Marshalls, the house of wallpapers brings an excellent collection of Luigi Colani designs for its customers. Here are few select samples of Luigi Colani wallpapers available at Marshalls.

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