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Marshalls! The House of Wallpapers

August 2, 2010

Which is the largest showroom for wallpapers in India? Marshalls Elite, of course.

Marshalls! A name synonymous with excellence. Since its beginning in 1975, Marshalls has traversed a long journey of 35 years filled with glorious achievements. With over 1000 designs, shades and textures from the world over under one roof, Marshalls has no competition when it comes to wallpapers.

It boasts of a cool collection of domestic and international wallpapers in varied finishes like vinyl, cane, jute, cork, bamboo, silk, suede, velvet and metallic. Available in a vast range of designs and textures, wallpapers from Marshalls come in the price range starting from Rs 75 to Rs 1500 per sq ft. Marshalls’ wallpapers are also energy-savers, leak-resistant and acoustic to name a few of their benefits. Is it any wonder that it is patronized by the bigwigs in the hospitality industry, renowned hospitals, famous architects, big corporate and celebrities? L&T Ltd., B.P.C.L, The Medicine Shop, ISKON, Croissants, Barista Fast Food Chain, Baskin & Robbins, Konica, V.I.P., N.R.B. Bearings, Dinshaws Ice Cream, Café Coffee Day are some of its esteemed clients. Farah Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Rahul Bose are among the patrons of Marshalls.

Marshalls is known as the “House of Wallpapers” and quite rightly so as its collection is unparalleled and it’s Marshalls Elite is the largest showroom for wallpapers in the country that brings the works of world-renowned designers like Zaha Hadid, Luigi Colani and Ulf Moritz among others for its precious clientèle. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful world of wallpapers at Marshalls Elite in Worli, Mumbai.

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