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Werner Berges Originals at Marshalls

August 6, 2010

Werner Berges! He is one of the top wallpaper designers in the world, most renowned for his pop-art designs. His works have been displayed in over 200 exhibitions across the globe. This German designer has enthralled people world-wide with his intensive pop-art designs which convey intense signals of “easy-living” and underlying sensuality combined with subtle eroticism. Dissolved faces of women with dots and stripes are the recurring imagery in his designs. His wallpaper designs are highly sought after as they have the ability to transform the walls and give a very bold and unique look to a room.

Marshalls, the ultimate name in wallpapers, has an amazing collection of wallpapers. It houses wallpaper designs from the best in the business like Luigi Colani, Ulf Moritz and Zaha Hadid. Werner Berges is another one of the famous designers whose collection can be availed of, at Marshalls. Drop in at a Marshalls Elite store and check out the Werner Berges-designed wallpapers.

Check out few samples of Werner Berges’ creations that are so sought after across the globe.


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