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Werner Berges Originals at Marshalls

August 6, 2010

Werner Berges! He is one of the top wallpaper designers in the world, most renowned for his pop-art designs. His works have been displayed in over 200 exhibitions across the globe. This German designer has enthralled people world-wide with his intensive pop-art designs which convey intense signals of “easy-living” and underlying sensuality combined with subtle eroticism. Dissolved faces of women with dots and stripes are the recurring imagery in his designs. His wallpaper designs are highly sought after as they have the ability to transform the walls and give a very bold and unique look to a room.

Marshalls, the ultimate name in wallpapers, has an amazing collection of wallpapers. It houses wallpaper designs from the best in the business like Luigi Colani, Ulf Moritz and Zaha Hadid. Werner Berges is another one of the famous designers whose collection can be availed of, at Marshalls. Drop in at a Marshalls Elite store and check out the Werner Berges-designed wallpapers.

Check out few samples of Werner Berges’ creations that are so sought after across the globe.


Marshalls! The House of Wallpapers

August 2, 2010

Which is the largest showroom for wallpapers in India? Marshalls Elite, of course.

Marshalls! A name synonymous with excellence. Since its beginning in 1975, Marshalls has traversed a long journey of 35 years filled with glorious achievements. With over 1000 designs, shades and textures from the world over under one roof, Marshalls has no competition when it comes to wallpapers.

It boasts of a cool collection of domestic and international wallpapers in varied finishes like vinyl, cane, jute, cork, bamboo, silk, suede, velvet and metallic. Available in a vast range of designs and textures, wallpapers from Marshalls come in the price range starting from Rs 75 to Rs 1500 per sq ft. Marshalls’ wallpapers are also energy-savers, leak-resistant and acoustic to name a few of their benefits. Is it any wonder that it is patronized by the bigwigs in the hospitality industry, renowned hospitals, famous architects, big corporate and celebrities? L&T Ltd., B.P.C.L, The Medicine Shop, ISKON, Croissants, Barista Fast Food Chain, Baskin & Robbins, Konica, V.I.P., N.R.B. Bearings, Dinshaws Ice Cream, Café Coffee Day are some of its esteemed clients. Farah Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Rahul Bose are among the patrons of Marshalls.

Marshalls is known as the “House of Wallpapers” and quite rightly so as its collection is unparalleled and it’s Marshalls Elite is the largest showroom for wallpapers in the country that brings the works of world-renowned designers like Zaha Hadid, Luigi Colani and Ulf Moritz among others for its precious clientèle. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful world of wallpapers at Marshalls Elite in Worli, Mumbai.

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Luigi Colani for Marshalls’ customers

July 30, 2010

“We should simply bear in mind just how amazingly superior a spider’s web is to any load-bearing structure man has made – and then derive from this insight that we should look to the superiority of nature for the solutions. If we want to tackle a new task in the studio, then it’s best to go outside first and look at what millennia-old answers there may already be to the problem.”- Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani, the renowned industrial designer is also known for his wallpaper designs. Bio design is his specialty. Nature is his muse, his inspiration and his mentor. His designs are a fine blend of art and organic design thus connecting man and machine in utopian ways.

His designs break rules, smash established notions and concepts, create new avenues for design and yet are essentially simple and earthy. His spectacular and unique designs are known for their dramatic appeal, finesse and elegance.

Marshalls, the house of wallpapers brings an excellent collection of Luigi Colani designs for its customers. Here are few select samples of Luigi Colani wallpapers available at Marshalls.

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Ulf Moritz@ Marshalls

July 30, 2010

Marshalls, since its inception in 1975, has been bringing world-class collections of wallpapers in a variety of finishes, textures, materials and designs from across the world for its precious clientèle. One of the designers, who create such marvelous designs available at Marshalls, is Ulf Moritz.

Renowned for his fabulous designs in wallpapers, fabrics, curtains, etc., Ulf Moritz is a designer highly sought-after across the world. He has won many accolades and awards for his designs. Some well-known Ulf Moritz collections launched in wallpapers are Ulf Moritz Scala, Ulf Moritz Pearl, etc. His designs and collections are featured at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, in Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and in the Tilburg Textile Museum.

Marshalls, the final word in wallpapers in India, has a fantastic collection by Ulf Moritz for its beloved customers. Check out some of the wallpapers designed by Ulf Moritz and brought to you by Marshalls.

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Zaha Hadid – Brought to you by Marshalls!

July 25, 2010

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”

Oscar Wilde could have said this with Zaha Hadid in mind. Temperamental, brilliant, creative, single-minded, radically different and the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in its 26 year history. Her designs are revolutionary, bold, modern and brilliant like their creator. Born in 1950 Baghdad, Zaha Hadid has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most exciting and significant contemporary architect and designer.

Her designs, be it for buildings or wallpapers are immensely sought after and popular across the world. Marshalls, the ultimate name in wallpapers since last 35 years with a first-rate collection of local & imported wallpapers also boasts of wallpaper designs created by Zaha Hadid.

Check out some of the superb wallpaper designs created by Zaha Hadid and bought to you by Marshalls.

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Sand Paintings from Marshalls

July 25, 2010

Little drops of water, little grains of sand ………… can make wonderful and awe-inspiring sand paintings. Yes, sand and water in the hands of Klaus Boesch, an Austrian artist translates into amazing sand paintings depicting nature in all its glory. Ok, so the next question is obviously what’s so special about these paintings? Nature has been the muse for artists since time immemorial.

True, but sand paintings are different. Every sand picture is an interactive piece of art. It is interactive on its own, creating random landscapes or other structures according to our fantasy. Each time the sand painting is moved, it creates a different panorama. Thus, it can be said that the sand picture gives each observer a chance to be an artist by turning the picture upside down to let the game revolve and change the world again and again.

The uniqueness of these paintings make them an excellent addition to the beauty of a room. But where can you procure them? At Marshalls, of course. The interior hub offers a fantastic range of sand paintings to its customers. They come in customized sizes and shapes in price ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 25,000. Marvellous sand dunes, serene lakes in midnights, the fascinating desert scenery etc are all part of Marshalls’ sand paintings collection.

Drop in at Marshalls Elite and check out its fabulous range of sand paintings first hand and get one for your place.

Take a look at some of the sand paintings collection offered by Marshalls.


Marshalls for kids

July 23, 2010

Once a school teacher decided to test her students. She collected old, well-known proverbs and gave each kid in her class the first half of a proverb instructing them to come up with the rest. The result was…well, interesting! Check out some of them

  • If you lie down with the dogs, you’ll… stink in the morning.
  • Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and… you have to blow your nose.
  • Children should be seen and not… spanked or grounded.
  • Better to be safe than… punch a 5th grader.
  • Strike while the… bug is close.
  • You can lead a horse to water but… how?
  • Don’t bite the hand that… looks dirty.

Ha..ha hilarious, isn’t it? But even while you are laughing your heads off doesn’t it remind you of your child? Precocious, smart, sassy, mischievous and ………. the apple of your eye.

Children! They soak up everything around them, put you through an emotional wringer with their antics, teach you religion, love you to bits and teach you what life is all about.

Marshalls has an excellent range of wallpapers dedicated to children, God’s best creation. Check out its splendid collection which is guaranteed to give immense joy to your kids, stimulate his/her imagination and offer a cozy haven that the child will absolutely love. Available in children’s beloved cartoon characters, bright and cheerful designs, a wide range of colours and themes, these wallpapers are the easiest way to design a dream room for your kid.

The Marshalls range for kids also allows you to have fun mixing-n-matching various designs and colours and themes to create a fabulous room that your child would love forever.

Here is a sneak peak into Marshalls’ fantastic range of wallpapers for kids.

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